I have always been a builder, from model kits to full home remodels. In high school I built sets for the drama department, and even my own stereo speakers., After high school I studied design at L. A. Trade Tech and In the early 80’s I was a professional model builder for a major model kit manufacturer as well as a freelance set builder for a film studio. In the late 80’s I started my construction career as a structural welder, and then worked for several property management companies as a carpenter and welder. My wife and I moved to Hillsboro in the early 90’s and I worked for a commercial contractor for 9 years then a residential remodeling contractor for 6 years. After a lay off due to a work slow down I decided to open Claybaugh Repair and Remodel, Inc.

claybaugh truck

hillsboro argus

Claybaugh Repair and Remodel, Inc. was started in January 2009 and In June we published a press release in the Hillsboro Argus announcing to the community that we were open for business.

I made my first community appearance in the Hillsboro Rotary 4th of July Parade with my wife Lisa, and some supportive friends. Most recently, the company has helped support the Hillsboro Heat Swim Team, (my daughter is a member) by purchasing advertising space in their Heat Sheet. Look for us in the 2010 4th of July Parade.

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